Hello! Thank you for visiting my strange little corner of the internet. I'm Ellis; I'm an autistic science fiction author, poet, and artist who lives in Seattle(ish), Washington, and I really hate the new addition of a Fire Season to the regular Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall lineup.
My artwork, visual and verbal, focuses on "pathological optimism": Finding hope in situations where, logically, there's none to be had. In my writing, this includes protagonists overcoming decades of child abuse or drug addiction; in my paintings, I use textured mediums and subtle glitter topcoats to get the sensory/tactile effects I'm after.
I'm terminally educated, which informs a lot of my artwork. I have a Master's degree in English and a second one in Medieval Scandinavian Studies. Between the two of them, I was given the chance to write 20,000 words on Icelandic volcanism in the 12th century, the weather patterns peculiar to volcanic eruptions, and the invasion of fire giants within the ragnarok myth.  During the process of writing and defending my Medievalism thesis, I discovered a passion for transcription, translation, and medicine. Now I work in a hospital in downtown Seattle (actual), organizing paperwork so that I can afford to paint and write. 
You can find my  writing in "Soul Jar: 31 Fantastical Tales by Disabled Authors" (Forest Avenue Press); "The Cozy Cosmic" (Underland Press); F&SF; Eye to the Telescope; and NewMyths (under SP Hofrichter).
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